She just called me dramatic,
For I am full of melodrama,
But I’m not only full of melodrama,
I’m also full of exaggeration
Not only that,
But exponential exaggeration.


But why won’t I be?
For I come from a land;
A land where confined guineafowls flee,
Across borders,
When human beings couldn’t.

Why won’t I be?
For I live in a land;
Where tricycles parked at public fleet,
Vanished into the hands of persons
In different land.
For they’ve also crossed the border.

Why won’t I be?
When the sons of Ama Ghana,
Lost the battle of imperialism,
And hanged onto Capitalism
Like a cow’s Huff.

Why won’t I be?
When duty bearers reduced sons
And daughters to mere spasmodics,
And spending the future’s money recklessly.
Today’s youth, wishwashed into Oblivion.

Why won’t I be?
Whenever leaders go-round with begging bowls,
Followers become bootlickers,
And the wise is jinxed with butts.

Why won’t I be?
I’ve talked the truth to liberation
Believed the truth to power,
For they say only the truth sets free
But it failed me and failed us.

Why won’t I be?
For we need a generational change
Why won’t I be?
For we need an attitudinal change
Why won’t I be?
For our country has slumbered into an abyss.

You can call me Polemicist,
But you can as well add a petal
of Melodrama
For I’m Melodramatic
Yes! Exponential Exaggeration of Melodrama.

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