The clock ticked and it was time for her gravida test


Following the instructions in order to push the innocent “mortal engine” out first

The innocent cry awakened a benevolent joy,

one that made her a nocturnal being

She kept watching him sleep like a heavenly being

An angel without wings but with wigs, hehe!

Always wearing the “everything’s gonna be alright” looks

Making him feel so good with the food she cooks

Uplifting him all the time with the good books

Yanking him with her love net to save him from the enemy’s hooks

And now people see in him the tough stem and beautiful leaves

all because she helped him gain firm roots

A golden heart with a 9-month accommodatable cozy womb

Also blessed with blue blood that circulates her love every day

So celebrate her every day, every month and every year till the tomb

Mother Nature has endorsed her with her signature and stamp

The tough hands even shower praises and give their thumbs up

The children’s first love, and everyone has his or her first world speech

saluting her with a four-lettered title “MAMA”. It’s a blessing!


El Manolo©

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