(In memory and appeal for justice for the lunching of 90 year old Akuah Denteh accused of witchcraft )

Brave enough to lynch a witch and not the deadly corona virus.

You were not even scared of being turned into a dish or committing any flaws.

Did you know that rebellion to rules alone is as sinful as witchcraft ?

And if the supposed victims are truly witches.

Why haven’t their group revenged by granting you some death wishes!?

Lynching and other inhuman activities are a grand disgrace to humanity.

Yet such cruelty happens right in our vicinity

Even witchcraft accusations are on rampant in our places of worship.

Especially when one fails to produce a baby

Or even swim in wealth like somebody

our innocent mother’s are the very ones to blame

For that sayeth the Lord or gods they claim.

The same womb that bore you and gave you a name, is now accused as the teeth pulling your fame

Stripping the older generation of their dignity and filling it with pain and shame

I’m even surprised of such outmoded practices in this modern generation

Forcing the innocent to suffer such violation

But wait, why are the victims always the poor and vulnerable in the society?

Witchcraft accusations in marriages is even a pity

In-laws turn witches and angels of the darknight

Whilst prophets becomes the angels of the light.

Abusing the innocent’s right with several harassment

This injustice happens without any trial or proper judgement

If you would agree with me on this piece,

Then I guess it’s time human rights abuse including lynching should be ceased.


#Dacosta de Poet

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  1. I know that they must have told the accuser in the church that the grandma was a witch. Evil should be condemned in all forms. Nice one DaCosta De Poet.


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