Is never fake
Neither plays
Nor hate but
You use her heart for fun
Making her miserable
She can’t tell,”why ”
Maybe a player
Yes or no?she rethinks

She did it for love
The passion was real
To good to be fake
But fake it is
Finally she met his reality
“I know who you are ”
A reviler in disguise
I am unwanted
And not good enough
Now i know you enough

My mistakes
Were just for love
The hurts,depression,frustration
You stripped me off for love
And abused for love

The pieces of the hearts still blind and bleeds
You lied for your pleasures
Took advantage of my weakness
Making the world judge me differently
Womankind weeps
How long will this last?
The “falling “in your trap
A trap of lost diamonds
Where regrets is all that glitters

Shoulder up,you boast now.
Someday you will be hooked entirely
You will weeped
Regrets will be exchanged
“You stole their pride ”
You will wish you never did.

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