The global outbreak;
A virus that has the world’s livelihood at stake…
Touching, coughing, breathing, sneezing;
those simple human daily othordox are now pandemic pleasing,
Derived from bats? Gotham city, Bruce Wayne’s living,
Corona can’t be the first instance to mass depopulate,
Estimation to a number of expected deaths?
Raises an eyebrow to what man in the laboratories propagate,
And the question “why Africa’s a test lab for vaccinations” imposes threats,
With the act of regret; they see we are aware, assuming their donations will compensate,

Stay at home African child – that’s probably your divided saviour,
Imprisoned by the lockdown; outdoors are only chains of the system clinging,
And if the padlock keys are with the man on the suit & tie;
you can only be limited to the propaganda displayed on your side,


When mother nature finally unmasks the truth,
I hope the living will seek clarity like Mandela’s death at 95 (n95 mask),
Keep your head up, the lockdown 21 days is just a starter,
Highly anticipate the futuristic technological revolution coming at forth (4th IR), Keep quarantined, keep updated, stay safe

T.M Mtwana
SOUTH AFR[I][CAN] “Urging all proactive artists to partake in this quarantine challenge, in pursuit of spreading knowledge of the coronavirus, and to delve into the idea of following the necessary precautionary measures to fight the global outbreak. Two hands are better than one, so your input won’t go unnoticed.”

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