Life is a winding wheel


Sometimes as soft as silk

Flowing with honey and milk

And at times as hard as steel

A tough standing block for real

Good things happen to bad people

Usually the fortunate and luck driven

The outstanding ones who take all risk to haven

Good things also happen to good people

The utmost reward for being credible

The price of being like no other

For indeed a good turn deserves another.

And bad things happen to bad people

The wage of being more than worse

So like a wheel, life shows its sides to people

Be you good or evil

For bad things happen to good people

An adversary mode of testing faith

A drastic one that threatens one’s fate

Like the story of Job in the bible

Faced with several challenges and made weak

Just to prove he is worth his feet

And after enduring the storms

The good tidings rewind again

Life indeed is a winding wheel

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