I recite this piece
With so much gratitude and inner peace


And as a deer pants for water
So have I longed to educate people on this matter

On the very need to appreciate our leaders, especially pastors

like oil flowing down Aaron’s beard
They grace our occasions
And deliver us from temptations

They help us accomplish our visions
And build the fountains of our earthly mission

They sentence our weakness away
And awaken our strength everyday

Through the waves of their messages and healthy counsels

They wash our fears and wipe our tears

Even than the grave
They silence every storm and teaches us to behave

And like shepherds they lead us to greener pastures

Through their actions and undefiled composures

And when things go wrong

They correct us and fortify us to be strong

But since all may not have angelic personalities

So are there bad nuts among the fraternity

There are bad leaders and false prophets

Who stain the paint on good leaders in shame

All for their selfish gains

Corrupting the institutions

And polluting the populations

But that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating true leaders

Note that by their deeds you shall know if they are real or just actors

Honestly some pastors are a disgrace to the calling

Whilst others are still a blessing

So let’s appreciate the few to keep their rain falling ?

For indeed some pastors are good stewards

And do not deserve only to be heavily rewarded

They need to be motivated in cash and kind

To help encourage and push them from behind

For the impact of their grace

Has placed hope on several faces

For they impact lives and transform society

And their generosity and philanthropic activity has rescued many from captivity

And groomed great people in the society

Irrespective of their gender and ethnicity

So why don’t we appreciate them to full capacity

Kofi, Ama and you

Do appreciate your leaders and God will bless you


By DaCosta?

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