The lion protects its pride yet not proud;
The hyenas laugh at their own mediocrity whilst the vultures idolize demises
The eagles oversees every ego yet not egoless.
The bull stands up against its bullies yet still in bondage.
The cheetah cheats the speed force with the ostrich,
they know no ‘slow down ahead’
They’re so fast that their stomachs never go empty
The elephant does not blow its horns, even without them,
it still inspires the power and sound that collapsed Jericho’s walls.
The gorilla hits its chest not to claim ownership rather
declaring itself as an asset to the ‘I am’ who never hits His chest.
The tortoise enjoys his beautiful slow but sure journey, the rabbit too, in a flash.
He always tells the tortoise that the future is exciting but
“hey, the journey’s end is all that matters”
The giraffe said his peeping skill is now at its peak and it’s clear
that he’s still not aware of his neck selling him out.
The zebra also bragging about how his stripes have given him
the privilege to cross almost every street in the world.
The horse, sheep, goats, and donkey laughed at the zebra and asked;
“Have you ever seen the Saviour of the world?”
The dog is insecure nowadays just because man has made new ‘besties’.
The peacock is seen as the fashionista and she shows them how it is done on the runway.
Meanwhile… Kweku Ananse the spider is in his ‘one corner’ minding his own business;
of course! his business, he’s at it again, the web of confusion.


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