“Obra Akwantuo”

An episode that man cannot fully understand

A complexity yet a four letter word that never lands.

The journey of life begins right from the onset of birth.

The very anticipating moment when one breathe the first breath.

And right from infancy even before your toothing.

Life started with you through your crawling till dying.

Like the blooming of a flower till it’s withering

Life is a journey with it’s destination so hard to determine.

Full of mixed events and happenings.

And seems more of science yet needs working like math.

The journey of life is without a path but of many routes.

Sometimes one has to virtually trace every happenings to one’s root.

For it was once wisphered that what happened to your father or mother may happen to you.

Be it generational curses or blessings which you may not even have a clue.

The journey of Life has become a race for many.

Copying others lifestyle and forgetting life is not a symphony or harmony

Or a chorus meant to be chanted together.

“Obra Akwantuo ne obra anamontuo eny3 p3”

Yes! the journey of life has a distinct note and key altogether.

It gives diverse favourable opportunities to everyone.

And worse and unpleasant experiences to the unlucky one.

Situations present to our nest rigid prizes

For the journey of life itself is of a fall and a rise.

Life leaves behind in our dark caves some wonderful memories

For it’s journey is an unforgettable adventure, coupled with experiences and stories

Full of trials, regrets and enjoyable moments

Life teaches us lessons as if we are it’s student.

Though death is the bus stop to the journey of life

Yet we believe in a next life to encounter where there’s no strife
“Obra twa owuo de3 nanso y3 pre daaa nkwa”

And with God in your journey, “daa nkwa no wobefa no kwa


DaCosta de poet.

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