Home sick


My mind REMINISCE those times
When Flies were cherished not to be hurt
When mama knows her dignity
And teaches her lass virtue.

I sit on this TREE remembering
Those days when thiefs are scared
Of the owner of the house
And not combating ownership
Title with the owner.

Now it’s a mere flashback
When my country maintained
Culture and dignity,
Immorality was abnormality

It’s far gone when the Hausas loved
The Yorubas, the Igbo man
Cared for the Tivs
And the Yorubas defend the Idomas

I wish it could be restored,
That time that our leaders kept the pledge; to serve my country with all
My strength
I’m home sick, I wish to go back to
That home, that detest inhumane deeds

I’m home sick, I want to go back to my home
Where peace exist among
Men of different tribes,
where mothers are virtuous
And fathers sincere.

I’m home sick, let me go back to my home
Where morality is practiced.

Linda Okafor ??
Zealous poetess ✨

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