Otumokpor was held sway


When the heavens turned pale, darkened like the coal

Diabolically interrupted in the realm

The heaven’s cry clustered but went to sleep

Our climate’s changed and we cried whimpering

Heaven’s cry cut short when Otumokpor sprang to its full strength

Global Warming, Global Change, we cry


Our sea level kept at bay

When the striking sun went to feast

Our heated body strived like an oven

Drenched like the rush of the Nile but when the heavens cried at last

Our houses were swept by the flood and our roofs flung to bare

Rush of the flow swept our cars away and power failed while humans were knocked off their feet

Death roamed about and humans float ashore


This type down pour

I have not seen

We have been displaced in our land

The floods have grown tall while we paddle to fate

And our crops are gone

All we laboured for, are in vain

Our properties are drowned

The sea level rose while the waves clashed in on us and we are ruined


Barricade the shores, lest we faint to fate’s terror

When the thunder clapped

Our hearts jumped into our mouths

Another doomsday lies in wait

Otumokpor has done more evil than good and we know not

Otumokpor fought the rain to a standstill

But when the rain fell we saw the terror come face to us

But when the cloud vexed

The down pour was not easy


We know that our clouds breathe in flares and can’t breathe again

Vehicles emit smoke like the clouds and the cloud is in love

This type of romance, l have not seen

Our earth bears the repercussions of this unwittingly stance, that despised her and she is in despair

Our climate’s changed and we know

Global warming, Global Change, we cry


Dim lfeanyichukwu

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