Before the fetus formed me


G-d had already painted me black with words like a conjurer

I have already manifested in the spirit

But knew not that the world had been built on white supremacy

The umbilical cord with which the fetus fed was like a spoon to thy mouth

And it struck tides with my mother who brought me to the earth


Mother’s womb entwined in bond with me

Now, born into a black family

I never knew that Racism had eaten deep into the world

Racism was also a fetus formed from ideology, hatred, subjugation, discrimination and antagonism

Twenty dollar bill, so said, to be counterfeit

But George deserves not death in cruelty


The cop knelt on the hatred he had bred

For eight minutes, forty six seconds the subjugation raged

I can’t breathe was Floyd’s last words

Hatred dignified in Derek Chauvin

Racism, a monster in his heart

Heartlessly knelt on Floyd who was hand strapped backward in handcuffed bond


He couldn’t resist death

But he moaned and cried in his heart

I can’t breathe, he begged with eyes bulged and changed

Derek heard him but the bond of discrimination and hatred gripped his heart

When George died

America stood still and reaped from the cup of hatred sown from slavery


Police brutality used to suppress my kind

And for years, led to the slaughter of black skinned

The honey pot of slavery

Black lives matter

Police brutality

Black lives matter

Floyd died a hero that blacks can breathe again

He paid a price for hatred, subjugation and discrimination


The black power fist and the kneel tied a nuptial knot with the world’s conscience and impregnated her

Black lives matter campaign broke the world’s tooth and we await reforms

Madaase (Thank you) to the world

You stood for the campaign to restore black dignity

Which was lost in the hollow entrenchment of systemic discrimination

Blacks, whites protested and knelt with power fist in the air to restore black liberty and equality

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