It wasn’t easy for us

No! No!

Not at all

When we were caught unawares in the game of depression

When we were blown unarmed by the winds of depression

When pain-filled tears coursed down our weary faces

Yet we pushed them back!

It wasn’t easy for us

When we laughed yet were at pains within

When we were inner broken yet stood tall

When we felt deep darkness yet stood out brightening

We had the burning heart of a lion

The untamable spirit of a tiger

The sharp eyes of an eagle

We were ready to fight back

Our hearts set on high

We saw light in our darkness

Grace in our grace

Ableness in our unableness

Help in our helplessness

Hope in our hopelessness

Yet we beheld

Endless possibilities in our seemingly impossibilities

And so

We stood to fight




Shade on my Light

Corona: The Wicked Globetrotter

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