From the young to the old
From those who are not that bold
And shiver to speak as if with cold


To those who talk without fear
And shed all sort of crocodile tears
Don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

From those who claim to love
Yet cannot even sacrifice what they have

From those with innocent looks
To the annoying ones with weird looks

And those as fat as an inflated balloon
To those as slim as the half moon

From the gentle jacks who stand tall
To those who crawl or don’t walk at all
Don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

Even those behind the pulpit
They narrate the scriptures into fibs
False doctrines being bathed on their culprits
When they still bless with their holy lips

From those who are married
To those who are single and unmarried

Everyone lies about one thing or another
Just to impress or maintain the other

To those who are in power
And those seeking it however

Present lies through propaganda notes
Just to secure some electoral votes
So don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

For those who are hungry
Manipulate lies to be filled
And those who are filled
Fabricate the truth to get thrilled

From the beloved and highly favored
To the foe and those merely hated

None can forever be honest
Especially when put to a solicit test
For lies are ever accustomed in our society
And technology has even made it a normality

So just asked “where have you gotten to”
And the answer will be “I just drove passed the zoo”
Meanwhile he or she is at home
Now dressing up and busily for a comb.

Don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

People hide their right entity
To impress the inquisitive society
By presenting false identity

The truth sometimes seem bitter
So we perceive the bitters as lies
And the sweet as truth

But to my poem alone
I’m sure its not a lie
That everyone can lie ?

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