Six feet rest my equal self

With the acronym RIP,

You anecdotally arise countless sad days

That is chock-full of misery and grief

You made our years

Like yester night

Leaving us sad, distress and rudderless.


You have differed yourself since genesis:

You have come through our

Kin, hostilities and pandemics;

One squat sleep

We awoke close to another decease,

You are the nearest in every silent hearts

All wishing for death to perish

It only upset you won’t take your own life.


“Oh death”, every tore heart woe:

We see you far and wide

East, west and the middle of our life

Literally waiting to take a kin,

Like her and him

You took Albert Einstein

Even justice says, “Death is inevitable”

Despite it been felony

That a well-wisher might blindly affirm

“Sorry, it is life” or

Too terrified to accuse “Death”


You have fed us frustration

Shown us pain beyond imBeautyagination

That you think of yourself mighty,

You taking us unknowingly

Make you a weakling of a person,

Come face to face;

To know the strength of a dying being.


Eternity, a place to exist:

Human fear you not death

You have done your worst by

Teaching life to be unfair.

You might seize me bodily

But not my “good deeds to humanity”

I shall sketch my name on heartbeat;

Leave a legacy to etch every mind

Rest in peace DEATH,

The day you take me to eternity

My life will be a remembrance fairytale.

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