The man in the mirror.
He deflects what he reflects.
Mirror mirror on the wall, now that you’re on the floor.
Show him the pieces that make him. I thought he could but I realized he couldn’t and it all slides down to one reason; he’s broken just like his heart, no difference!


Who says nothing is nothing?
At first it was something but now nothing
Nothing is actually something
He used to be filled with… something
Now they say he’s filled with nothing, which is actually something
Filled with emptiness
But this “barrel” makes the least noise
No need to quarrel, just listen to his gentle voice

Filled with emptiness I say
This vacuum is infinite, trust me
Prepared to take in more and many more
Yes he’s been ran down severally
Just because he’s got “nothing” to offer
Well, just as an “empty tomb” shocked the entire universe, so is he!
He’s not a king, just rules straight lines
To the One who emptied the tomb
It is the ability to be limitless
Emptiness is never pettiness

~El Manolo

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