Enough, cut the lie, your cry, I am okay now. I got all I toiled for whilst I lived


Yeah, whilst I lived before yourself and all where I actually was a non entity, hypocrite

You would swear I was nonexistent, at least to myself I existed but to your person I was not even a being

Was not worthy of a glance, not even a frown in my direction. Shame me? No, shame you! Hypocrite

Your feet were the only ones I interacted with in close sight, that is only on the days you didn’t think me to be the friend of a neglected billy goat

I see you, hypocrite


Now you splash your money for my lifeless body to receive a dignified send off whilst we could’ve had you lift off from my life filled body

I bet you do not even have the slightest of ideas what drained life off of me, out of this nobody

Let me school you, my life was stolen from me by the disregard of humanity from the able bodied like you, your kind

I could’ve afforded to breath again from a sip of water, only one sip to revive my then ailing cells, but no! Water was a luxury

Actually, you what was more luxurious hypocrite, it was for you to make effort to deliver on your promise

Your promise to bring a glass of water for that rugged helpless man who lay by the entrance of your homestead

Of cause you were not aware, it is I. Now do me a favor would you, just don’t cry for me

Cry for yourself and all that wear the same coat as you do in your life, you can’t save me no more

Your heart is in a dreaded place, but you do not realise. All because you choose to cry, maybe not for me but for the cents you part with in the name of charity

And I always thought charity was a virtue in the heart, but you wouldn’t know a thing

Because you’re are  nothing but a hypocrite… So are all like you


Untold Agony

Moving On…

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