From the other side of life


Speaking out is not a crime

Words edified in nuts that only flesh could crack

Posters litter the street like a songster

Of what use?

In death’s vault, here am l



Mourners gathered in crying

Four cows moo in the cowshed

Seven goats bleat, waiting for the knife’s edge

Drinks heaped in crates

But when alive, poverty stripped me naked

Now dead, pictures stick up together with gum on fences, billboards like a celebrity



Death tolls its end like a weaverbird that comes and goes

Bruised though you may be

High pitched in mournful cry

Wailing one’s grief in despair

Agono, where were you when ants gathered on the icing cake?

When sickness, suffering, poverty tore thy groove




Not only you

Etuhu, you were starkly rich but spent to the gallery

Now, all gather for a play of money tossing

Gnashing teeth of death’s routine

The wind whistles by

Whilst trees bend to let us pass



My hurdles passed to the cradle

Now, you play flutes for me and l’m not dancing

You wail for me and l smile

A great chasm separates

It is your turn to have a delusive dream of heaven

When my cloud became pregnant



There was no nursing mother

Now the sun has gone pale

Eyes bulged out from crying

My face on the posters showing my last

Clouds drifted across the sky

Dashed from the mundane to a land not of flesh



For one judgement, thou art to face

My soul went to thy Creator

The one, l am holding is greater

All of us, our life is like grass

We grow and flourish like a wild flower

Then the wind blows on it and it’s gone

No one sees it again



While your eyes drip tears

Your sorrowful faces keep trying to dredge up details of my past

All of us suckled the same nipples

All of us from the same navel string

But who knows what we are dragging

Not birth dates, not age, not wealth

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