I have made up my mind to go and no coming back


There is no Sucre anymore

The taste is sour

l wished for more but dust l came and dust l shall return to where l came from six feet down the earth


A place where termites, moles make a feast of my carcass

Like a growing plant, l died in my mother’s womb and returned to dust

Like a young plant, l grew like petals and attractive

Binged too much and the dust my end


Where would my fate lie on?

I know that one day

A hot ball will pierce my skin and l will return to dust

I know that one day

I will fall asleep and never breathe again


I know that one day

Two steels might clash

My mortal body maimed beyond repair and the dust my portion

I know that one day

I will eat to death and never breathe again


I know l will die a day l don’t know

One day, this beautiful mirror will break

I know that an end had been laid

Who can straighten out what had been made crooked?


ChukwuOkikie Abiama, l accept the inevitable

My fate is the dust

And it beats my imagination

Kings, Queens, great and small alike faces this tragic end

From dust, l came and dust I shall return

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