We were like the thin air, Unprecedented to our future existence on earth, until you came like a flash.
Guarding the walls you built, awaiting the maiden from Devine coming to expand the horizon of your walls.
Like a soldier of valour, you were indeed prepared for the journey of a life time defense.

You tussled to hustle that one bone to adorn your effort.
Like the sun setting to the west, you got a beautiful bride to be the pillar of defense to you tent.
More tussle you put up, with a fierce hustle.
You lived to put a smile on her face and that of her undeveloped foetus.

The pillar of the family she is, yet you built the pillar.
Mother of the house, yet you provided the comfort of a companion.
Like a farmer, you planted a seed in her that produced your heir.
Knight of the matrimony, you held safe the gate of your home.

Beneath you tear, lies our smiles.
Your sweat, our pride.
Your pains, our comfort.
How can we repay your sacrifice?
To divine, your reward is made.

By: Nwodo Walter Onyebuchi (WALTER PETER’S)

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