From a land so far we heard it came
sailing upon waters of the winds
That so haste a tempest it spread and claim
Yet dread burnt like an inferno deep down hearts


All elsewhere in the world
The populace crumbled in fear
As Nations learnt of their fate
Minds wonder when be their date

Ill-tidings about the world’s blood running icy cold
Further kindled fears for the death advocate
As to cough fueled its lethal desire
Yet to sneeze, lit her fire.

Oh earth,
Rest not as the advocate consumes your brood
For so much it has shaken the walls of our mood
Yet shall we just watch on as it makes us for food?

Much a dust must have tranquilly returned to dust
For their death shalt not be in vain as we must
Look at the advocate’s eyes with masked face
And away our hearts in hope for God’s grace.

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