My eyes are stocked with Amazement, everything appears to be a joke, I had prayed it was a mere nightmare.
Can someone wake me up from this dreams cos I’m loosing it, yes it’s like a bombshell..


Brother! It’s was all a dalliance, I thought it’s empty as father would always leave it,
I do see father pull the trigger, I never knew it could blew breathe away from thy life.
Oh bloody brother, can you just wink your eyes and tell me you\’re joking,
I never knew a bullet could snatch you away from me.

It was accidental, brother biko wake up, I can’t believe your blood is washing my feet, I just posed the way father used to, holding that point that’s taking you away from me, a mere pull on the trigger has claimed your life.

My dreams of growing up with you is flying away, far up the sky.
How do I tell the world I sent my own blood down the isle of the other world. What will I tell mama?
My heart is exploding, this guilt is much to bear, how do I live with the stigma; he shot his brother dead.

Kee ihe m ga’koro umu-uwa
que vais-je dire au monde
Brother can you just do me this last favor; wake up! Wake up brother, the plot to claim your life I never had. my heart is melting like an ice under the scourging heat. Oh Papa!! Why didn’t you tell me, that this single piece of yours could snatch my only brother away from me?
It’s better I join you, I’ll rather die than live with this guilt.

Bang!! is the onomatopoeic sound of the gun, and the bullet found it\’s way straight into his head.
Oh, thy father has lost two Nations
in just a twinkle of an eye ..

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