Of all…….


In the life, we are living

Corruption is a monster

We have rowed life’s boat with a paddle of it

That icing we have licked and now our belly aches

We can’t sing with our mouths again

And our feet refused to dance


Corruption has eaten bellyful into the fabrics of our very essence

And has spread like thorns amongst grains

Every grain seeks a corrupt thorns

And the seeds we harvested are born from a wedlock with corrupt practices

Corruption has mutilated our black skin and we are in ruin


Our economy is shattered

The protruding money for projects has miscarriage

And the umbilical cord stolen

Underdevelopment stares us in the face

While the standard of living geometrically tiptoes


The miscarriage, we heard, we faint

Trillions of the quid, have we heard, not seen

Wings grown and flown to a land unknown

Corruption fetters

So strong a cord

Twigged in the fire of consent


Fraudulently conducted

Conscience tied to the

apron string of rich at all cost

And we have seen enough of it

We are tired


We can’t paddle again

Our palms are sturdy

Greed breeds corrupt practices

And we have struggled with that vice corruption for so long

That it has become a hag

A hag too old for our liking


Our clothes are reeked of corrupt smells

Mother did not give birth to you, Oh! Corruption

But you grew like an lroko tree

With our hands, we watered your growth

Now, your tap root shakes our foundation


We want you no more

We want you pruned

When we allow sacrifice to lead

Uprightness to judge

And allow us to love and serve faithfully



By Dim lfeanyichukwu

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