Corona Virus: The Wicked Globetrotter!

Coming for our young smiles,
Crawling out of hell itself,
Craving for the heartiness of our hearts;
Corona virus veiled our vibrance!
Clearing our lands of the little hope,
You are caging us to our doom;
What kind of disease make people smile miles apart?

Riding to ravage kingdoms,
Storming doors with swords of wickedness,
The filthy claws of corona have dawned on us at a time we least have a fitting dawn,
Before Africa, you won wars without able war generals in Europe,
With China’s military cunningness, They were scourged within a couple of months.

You feast upon lives with plentitude of limitless dreams, Need not tell you our land was dreamless before you came!
You devour souls for their fleshiness,
Need not tell you corruption made us tasteless carcasses before you came knocking with your cruel hands,
You besieged lands with lively economies,
Need not tell you our economy died before you were even born.

Before you hit your cradle in China;
We fought battles in Libya,
Before you downed your first victim in Wuhan;
Cholera had downed several people in Freetown,
Before you visited the first cemetery in Africa;
Xenophobia had already filled cemeteries in south Africa,
Before you defeated your first kingdom,
ethnic conflicts had already left several kingdom in wreckages.

But you aren’t hunting for laurels, You are hunting for lives, Otherwise you would have known that Africa was a wrong port to dock,
You sent shivers down our spines, But I tell you,
Ebola shook our entire souls,
Unlike you,
Ebola wasn’t greedy;
He overburden our lands with corpses but he never cared to explore yours,
But like your parents,
You have attempted to colonize us.

What kind of a traveller are you? You travel on the land,
You travel on the sea and you still have time to travel in the air,
Like the soldiers of the Roman empire,
In under two months you conquered the world,
Whatever is left untouched by your cruelty doesn’t deserve your touch probably,
You overran boarders without orders;
Yet you expected us to treat you with manners.

We got skinned by famine,
We have been drowned by conflicts,
We have been crushed by diseases of myriad kinds,
We died of natural disasters,
What is left of us is just hopeless bones,
So do not stress yourself;
You aren’t surprising our cemeteries with any invention,
But I am not surprise by your early visitation,
We fed your mother: China,
It is normal for her to point towards us when her son is also hungry.

Barring your bloodthirstiness,
You will enjoy your stay here,
You will see strange things,
Things you will be dying to share on your return to China,
Just wait! Very soon some of my brothers will want to profit from your invasion,
They will gladly aid your quest if it aids their pockets,
Just wait! Some of my brothers will kill their brothers before you lay your icy hands on all of us,
Just wait! Your siege would be reduce to a platform for power struggle;
People will battle to score electoral points.

Before you leave this land,
You will admit and affirm that, we are the least serious of the empires you ransacked,
You will regret for chosen to land here,
You are probably regretting already,
The survivors of the ruins you left behind fear you,
For you have shattered their economy and human capital,
Here, we fear you, for you have stopped the publicity of our religions.

Italy wails because of the over 6,000 human capital you sunk, Ghana wails because of the over 6,000 churches you closed, America is saddened over the 10,000 companies you closed, Nigeria is complaining over the 10,000 mosques you closed,
This is Africa, Mr Corona!
We are the least prepared medically against your invasion,
Yet, we are the strongest resistors to the measures tailored to arrest your advancement,
If you were to write a report about the lands you invaded,
You would dedicate a book for Africa.

But there is one truth you were never told,
There is one thing Ebola learnt and that was why he left,
If you had consulted him he would have advised you not to come; That is, the guns we will be using against you will be a double barrel, We will use the clinically enhanced drugs and we will wail and chant to our sky daddy,
I bet you have never seen the like of it in all the continents you visited.

Everyone in Africa is a soldier,
Mr corona,
We will fight you with everything we have,
We will fight you with our fear;
We will fight you with our courage, We will fight you with our weaknesses;
We will fight you with our strength,
We will fight you with our ignorance;
We will fight you with our knowledge,
We fight you till our fears become your tears!

When you down our first thousand soldiers,
A second thousand will be enlisted to take up the arms,
You have no future here,
For we are also struggling to pin down our futures here,
You are in Africa,
Be ready to Africanize your effects; or you will arrange for a safe return to wherever you came from. We might be entertaining our cronies,
But not you, corona!

# StayHome, #StaySafe!!!

– Adam Sualesu


Contacts: 0543620629, 0202977045

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