Shaded goods of fate

Come and buy my goods

Woolly heads pray for a good sale

Waiting for fate and the G-D of luck to bless the day


Numerous heads of the gods under the baking sun with faith

Superheated heat rolling down their spines and pores

Gnashing teeth of a bad sales

Smiling teeth of a good sales


So many heads of the gods blame the day

So many heads of the gods smile to fate

Two balls on the chest gather for a play of the tongue

Unleashing tongue of what is seen and unseen


Flat chest playing pranks of luck

The sales that smiled today and saddened tomorrow

Night comes, voices shout

Come and buy my goods


Selling at noon

Selling at night

Thirty two teeth buried alive

Underneath the stand in the dark


Showing the wickedness of the gods to possess the sales

Gathered in the market place

Uncountable like the sands

Sugar-coated tongues trying to convince buyers

Come and buy my goods

Come and buy my goods


By Dim lfeanyichukwu


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