Childhood memories are like the sun bird and the sweet nectar

The memory is a pollinator that defines our youth

As a young child, barefooted I trekked to fetch the happiness from the stream

And the barrel at home must be filled

Unless mum would frown at me

Mum would call my name to tease the forest birds

Her voice trails the heart of the forest in echoes

And I would know she has returned from where she sells


Childhood memories are like the ocean, it never dries

How we ran and jumped in the rain

With undiluted joy in our hearts

How we hunted for grasshoppers

Chased the little pretty birds

To get hold of them, dallied at the rolling of tyres

Our motor we’d call it

In those days, joy had no option than to dwell in our hearts


Our slates, we throw aside

When we return from school

No extra tutors, yet we passed with ease

With catapult round my neck

I trekked distance in the bush to hunt the games that brought me joy

Joy had no option than to dwell in our hearts

We had pictures, we threw to the wall in a game

The nearest to the wall is paid a picture

And we feel like it is money in our hands


In unison, we built houses with palm fronds

Gathered gravels and stones to cook delicacies

As we thought

Making contributions of the condiments

Our kites fly like birds in the air

And our joy knew no bound at all

In that union, there was a strong bond

The love was there

To harm one another existed not in our lexicon



By Linda Okafor and Dim lfeanyichukwu

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