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I remember
when I was a toddler

How I loved music
And danced with my whole physique

I then hit adolescence
With all my innocence

I played ampe
Till my calf became Kankpe

My Teen ages
Were like grilled sausages

With burnt portions
Erred like unsuccessful abortions

Then I hit the road of adulthood
That was when I respected parenthood

Nostalgic memories
Pouring out from the arteries

Like dead batteries
Being revived like pen in dairies


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HopeLifePoetrySpoken Word


Raise the platform in the alley

And let’s conduct a campaign rally

Let’s promise them a heaven amidst the storms

Let’s ensure something new, something out of the norm

Draft a new Propaganda

Dubbed “the agenda for a prosperous Africa”

Let us preach their utmost interest

And place it above every existing nest

Yes! yes!, that is what politicians Promises us;

Several non-existing development.

Yet we know what they truly meant

That all was for their Selfish interest

Full of greed and selfishness

Trading our welfare as if their own business

Corrupting the institutions

Polluting the populations

Trading our long lasting peace

With argument, war and corrupt practices just for a silver piece.

Advancing the knowledge gained from our books

Just for looting our resources for their shooting boots.

Oh Mama Africa

Till when will your cries be heard?!

Till when will your smiles be spread!?

Let’s raise the platform again

This time no falsehoods and selfish gains

This time let’s consider the natives livelihoods and pain

Let’s practise what we preach

And make every resource and opportunity get to everyone’s reach

Let’s have love for all and hate for none

And Africa will surely unite as one.


by DaCosta de Poet?

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AudioPoetrySpoken Word

That One

I gave my all
Got nothing at all
Not a call
Or even a ball

I waited for years
Took all that bears
And even all the fears
But it ended in tears

I lost my heart
After all the art
Though I played my part
I was pierced with a dart

I tried
I pried
I cried
It dried

I bought
I fought
I thought
I sought

My feelings were disrespected
My emotions were dissected
My mood was dilated
And my heart was diluted

I no longer have that One
That special some One
That sweet, sugary One
Has been handed over to some One.

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AudioSpoken Word

How We Met (Spoken Word) – Cooper SA Featuring Tamy

[zoomsounds_player artistname=”Cooper SA Featuring Tamy” songname=”How We Met” type=”detect” dzsap_meta_source_attachment_id=”14671″ source=”https://paasafriqa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/How-We-Met.mp3″ thumb=”https://paasafriqa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/How-we-met.jpeg” config=”default” cover=”https://paasafriqa.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/How-we-met.jpeg” autoplay=”off” loop=”off” open_in_ultibox=”off” enable_likes=”off” enable_views=”off” enable_rates=”off” play_in_footer_player=”default” enable_download_button=”off” download_custom_link_enable=”off”]

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PoetrySpoken Word


We live in a society where human
right is abused
And public office is being misused
A society that has dealers and not leaders

A society where bourgeoisies are
accepted and celebrated
And proletariats are rejected and dejected

We’re in a society where virtue is
and vice is virtue
A society where an enemy is a friend
And a friend is an enemy

If you stand for the truth
You’re seen as object of caricature
People would even tarnish your nomenclature
That’s the society we live in

We live in a society full of greed
This has become a political creed
Where the poor are drowning in a sea of grief
Because they’ve nowhere to find relief

This is really bad and disturbing
Which makes me to start pondering:
How can we be in a society that is full
Of insanity?
One that has no regard for humanity

We should not allow society to be
This narrow
Let’s put aside all this lamentation
And think about the next generation
For it to be a better one tomorrow

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PoetrySpoken Word


We’re the high priests of society
We make known the unknown
For people not to live in obscurity
We use sociological lens
So everything we do makes sense

We mix words and numbers to
And we can also speculate
We can conceptualize
Our methods we can utilize

We study the problems of people
And make solutions possible
We also sit down and ponder
Just like Marx Weber

We have the mimetic desire
One of the things we acquire
Some think we’re psychologists
But we’re sociologists
We always give people gists

We’re also speculative
This makes us calculative
To us nothing is new
Even the falling of dew

We’re a light in a sea of darkness
To the world we bring brightness
Considering that we’re exceptional
Our course is being functional

In every facet of life
You can find us and this is obvious
Politics, law, economics, etc. are
Part of our ‘’salad-bowl’’
So come and be part of us and
Learn new and even things of the old

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PoetrySpoken Word



Word for word
Write or Say
Ink or Lead
Paper or Computer

Drama or Fiction
Free writing or Poetry
Printed or Written
True or Imaginary

Spoken or Sang
Obituary or Biography
Words are like Choices
You choose what you want

But mind your choice
‘Cause words are as powerful as weapons.

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LifePoetrySpoken Word


I miss the days we used to cry on our way to school
I mean we tried to be our best and still we were cool
I miss the days we used to play together in the sand
The moments when the oldies watched and took humility lessons from us under the sun
I miss the days we used to fly paper planes and polythene kites
Our dreams and aspirations flew higher with them in the limitless skies
I miss the days we used to run around with our cloths tied around our waists and held up high
We were fearless against the rough winds of young life
I miss the days we used to have our bath outside
We used to remind them about how we shall exit this world the same way we entered as outsiders
I miss the days we used to play in the rain
Our little hearts felt how cold the world is and yet still we reign
I miss the days we used to have fear for dark places
It reminds me of how we conquered together with bright smiles on our faces
I miss the days we used to listen to stories
We heard those tales and kept them in our cute heads to make our future top stories
I miss the days we used to wear masks to feel the difference
We were just not ashamed of where we came from, just fun and no pretence
I miss the days we used to hunt for shells at the shores
Little explorers as we were, we came out of our shells leaving behind our chores
I miss the days we wanted to grow older
To have this joy and peace even bigger and better
Thank God! We made… wait! I thought we would have aged together
I looked back, my little version wore a smile
“Go on! Grow! Don’t worry, old me! we can still cover so many miles…


El Manolo

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