Adom Nsuo

Adom Nsuo, the epitome of God’s grace This grand rain of grace drains from the throne of grace And it’s encounter lightens up your face And when...

To The Drunkard’s Daughter

We like to drink, We love to drink, We live to drink, We like drinking, We enjoy drinking, We worship drinking, We drink for the gods We drink to quest their...


Reach for the light maybe you might reach the skies I know it's hard I know it's painful I know it hurts I know it costs I know it's...


Four Minarets? For they've lost their guardianship, Swords of star-like crescents To the comforting motherly hands, and pampered palace palm. A soldier stood at the South gate, Wailing to a...

A person in the mirror

A person in the mirror You have never cared, What others had to say, You always stood your ground, While others walked away You love a challenge, And you love...

As It Is Written(To Pain They Mourned)

As it is written,An inverted EarthOh! Hear her children cryResound like the keening wails of a drowning lamentInhabitants therein, like vagabonds with no abodeTo...

Time and Judgement – A Quatrain

To watch, and to prayTo mock on a bay The twisted mind Inlets a sea of condemnation on mankind To watch, and to prayTo counsel...

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