Politics Weds Africa

Africa a beautiful continent; A lady full of life with untapped resources.
An ideal moment to be married to correct her flaws

For her to be well exploited and managed by her suitor

Religion was a leading peaceful actor
Yet politics has won the marriage license with aggression
And the wedding is set during elections

The political players and stakeholders
The chiefs and opinion leaders acting as our father’s

Barter trades our development
By negotiating our bride price for their advancement

So to those candidates who drop brown envelopes and make good ties
Are considered as the best groom for us

The marriage vows are found in the manifestos and agendas
Which is filled with false propaganda’s

Rusted but neatly polished
Being well hidden in glorious suits
Till they assume office when entrusted

Then you see the carcass beneath the looks

Power drunks.
Giving the wrong people the right ranks

Changing the system
To meet their party and personal anthem

Amassing our resources;of course it’s a wedding party as set
Producing a generation of similar mindsets

Politics;full of lunatics
Says the opposition who wants to be in their edifice

Loading several critics
Just to do worse mistakes he predicts

But the cheers for then are still loudest
For politics have wedded Africa in silence

Our union is one in chains
For Africa is bleeding in pains

But separation will surely come
For their ring and power lies on our thumbs

Their bride price will be returned with persecution
But until then who will re-marry Africa ?;and strengthen its institutions.

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In love with teachers

The ideal persons of our time

Sometimes smooth and sweet and at times as sour as a lime

They stand so caring and generous among the rest

And teaching and child development, I bet they are the best

Their care, smiles and patience is the least virtue of their fame

And for the wildest student do they easily tame

That’s why we sing of their glorious name

“#Facilitators # Lecturers”
the stars drawn across our pictures

They are simple, friendly and very discipline in nature

With their same success story

Do they foretell and assures us not to worry

For their instructions and stern corrections

Are meant to instill in us perfection

They’re meant to prepare us for the future dreams

Yet they insist that our future is now and not later

And no matter your confusion on a subject their jolly and comics will catapult you to understand beyond measure

God bless all facilitators and lecturers

To the school they are a great treasure

To every graduated class our manager and destiny helper

To me ; they are worth my mentor, counselor, preacher and admirer

And if you can read and write then I guess you should consider them your lover

Oh yes indeed! I’m in love with teachers ??

So to our dear teachers I say a very big thank you and God richly bless you

Posted by DaCosta de Poet?

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Are you a comforter?

Or an Armageddon of the bed?

You forced sunshine into the night,

Your exploits echoed fear and joy

Into the annals of the born and unborn

You break human walls

In a vulnerable community,

welded by race and ethnocentrism.

I met you first in a car–

A lonely destination,

And you showed so much compassion.

You overlooked my dark colour,

Something you watched with your own eyes

Yet you accepted me wholeheartedly

Crushed long-held family conventions,

Built traditions that mend pots

engravings sharper than a razor blade

to give this beautiful life

that the first poem I wrote

echoed you.

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Adom Nsuo

Adom Nsuo, the epitome of God’s grace

This grand rain of grace drains from the throne of grace

And it’s encounter lightens up your face

And when the rain of grace is with you in every race

Being successful becomes an assured phrase

Whilst failure becomes just a mere phase

The grace lifts man to a highly honoured place.

To the weak and abandoned, it tightens you back like the shoe lace

Arrows being shot at night is your back case

For His grace provides wisdom to solve your case

And make provisions to maintain your steps without disgrace

It cleanses our sins without leaving any trace

Yes, Adom Nsuo! the rain of grace is falling in your heart, it’s rightful place.

Drink of it in faith and be in God’s desired place.

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We lived in harmony until they sailed through the Niger.
Like saints, they transgressed with intent to devour.
Without hostility but hospitality we shared.
Unknown to the dove that it’s nest has been infested by soldier ants.

Our hearts were pure and free of pant
like that of a newly birthed infant.
In them we could see brothers,
Brothers from across the borders.

Through the Niger, they came sailing.
But like lions in sheep clothing.
Known in faces with intents in masks.
They came encapsulated with a task.

We’ve brought you treasures, they made us believe.
Little did we know they came to devour our treasures.
Our mothers they turned servants,
Our fathers drudged with no iota of humanity.

The mayhem continued to spread like a wild fire.
We toiled, we bled and we groaned in pains.
Under the harsh sun and the frenzy atmosphere we were striked like animals.
Until the cock croaked and the bells rang.

Amazonians we had as lass.
Warriors we had as lads, In that dogged spirit, our heroes past stood bold like an eagle.
Fought daringly.
To create a new world.
A new world of Liberation.
A world stuffed with light.
Light that shines on the faces of the nation.
That has brought unceasing smile to the hearts of the nation.

I speak of a land that was mathematically calculated,
Geographically sighted
And agriculturally vested.
I speak of that has been naturally endowed with the gift of nature.
I speak of that black land with black men who in their pure heart, has made the country proud.

We cried and toyed in sorrow
But cried no more when men from different region come to a legion to fight for the nation.

My mother land was free from doom.
Independence came and we got freedom.
Happy independence to my mother land.

By: MC Proph Opeyemi
Oguche Samuel
Okafor Linda
Walter Peter’s


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Dim light

Once a bright star and a beloved

Now you are nowhere to be discovered

Like a dim moon
Or an ended toon

It was a great show anyway

Waking up everyday beside someone you know I say

A perfect picture

Now with a terrific nature

Horrific to look at

For the bright lights are now gone out

Leaving the atmosphere stygian

With invisible shadows

Stealing the ecstasy of the libertarian

Who now resides in hollows

Struggling to be apparent in the spotlight

With every possible might

Despondently, your return cannot be anticipated

Till our lives become terminated

For situations at times

Present us with limes

But if you can make the bitter sweet

Then the sweetness will always retweet

All hopes can fall out

All lights may dim out

But look further in the tunnel that is darkened

For there’s actually a light at the very end that is well brightened

Dim light you may be now but brighter is your end.

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I remember
when I was a toddler

How I loved music
And danced with my whole physique

I then hit adolescence
With all my innocence

I played ampe
Till my calf became Kankpe

My Teen ages
Were like grilled sausages

With burnt portions
Erred like unsuccessful abortions

Then I hit the road of adulthood
That was when I respected parenthood

Nostalgic memories
Pouring out from the arteries

Like dead batteries
Being revived like pen in dairies


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Together forever

Together forever is the theme

Of bonding us together to the end and extreme

To overthrow and rule our dream

Of staying together to the brim as a team

So forever with a solid foundation of love, respect and trust

Our friendship was a galvanized one that will have never rusted

Yet you bruised our fantastic love fantasy in pain

When you left me in my struggle and shame

In the quest for someone to offer comfort, wealth and fame

But as moments leave stains on our memories

So will our dark caves always recall such amazing stories

Stay tuned to the good old days

The whispers of love was so deep I say

And together forever should we have stayed

Not for you to yonder your youthful beauty away

Just to wonder your paths across my now smooth way again

And now preaching of repentance after going astray

Forgetting your pledge was blown away from it’s feet

When it was meant to last forever and not just some few weeks

But at least I learnt never to put all trust in man, Not that they may deliberately disappoint

But rather situations sometimes cause them to unintentionally disappoint at a point

Yet a pledge to stay together forever

Requires laying down your life to be raided for each other

Going through rough and smooth paths together

And upholding each other’s values and happiness in high esteem

That alone can assure your togetherness till death do you part when the time deems

So to let’s enjoy our solemn vow of being together for now

For it’s unfortunate we will someday still say goodbye as well

Since we will not live forever

But to my heart ? we ought to stay together forever

Published by DaCosta de Poet ?

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We’re in a World by Linda Okafor

We’re in a world where
Fantasies are so much fancied
Making the Young folks believe in fallacies.
A world where many fake it to impress others with that delusive painted look.

We’re in a world where
Young lass enthusiastically
Free gift their dignity
both for Eagles, Kites and Hawks
To feast in return for material things.

We’re in a world where
The young lads are too quick to make the hay even when the sun is yet to shine,
To turn money Lords overnight
Is the only mantra on their lips
Installing negative deeds in their minds.

We’re in a world where
The teenagers burn midnight subscription to chat
Instead of midnight candles to read.

We’re in a world where
Decency is nonsense
And indecency is sensible
Where morality is vandalised
And immorality is now the order of the day.

By: Linda Okafor ??
Zealous Poetess ✨

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Oh Lord why?! Not again!

Oh Lord why ?! Not again

I lament at such a sight, with much agony and pain

My anticipation in life did cover only winning more gains

Not seeing land being soiled always with blood like the June July rains

Our very dearest and best of brethren are daily being killed and getting lost.

Just in the name of peace and sovereignty, one has to pay the dear cost

Carrying out drastic orders just to protect others.

Killing our brothers just to secure our borders.

Why has there always been a sacrifice yet price to pay in essence.?

Just and just for another mankind’s livelihood and another’s existence.

But whose fault is it to blame.

Political hooligans toss us like a dice ? game.

To secure power, wealth and ambitious aims.

Chiefs and opinion leaders not to even talk of our religious leaders , they all persecute us just for their fame.

Why can’t we all live as one people.?

Why do we take advantage of the feeble.?

Just wanted to let you know that peace is a priceless masterpiece that cannot be replaced by any piece.

So let’s drop the nuclear weapons, bombs and guns.

And prevent our human race from all this painful runs.

I am human and I plead for justice and peace

I plead for equal rights and opportunities in our domain to be at ease

Yes! Enough of the pain


As It Is Written(To Pain They Mourned)




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