AGYAPA-DE3 by Al-Latif Kambo-Naa

You’ve made some souls humble
Some are arrogant
And others quitters.

Like malt for the Guinness Company
You oiled the capitalist machine
To also make them happy
as you confused the socialist.

you invaded motherly care  of goldcoaster
through the backdoor of democracy
and turned it into hostile posterity.

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Leaders Appreciation

I recite this piece
With so much gratitude and inner peace

And as a deer pants for water
So have I longed to educate people on this matter

On the very need to appreciate our leaders, especially pastors

like oil flowing down Aaron’s beard
They grace our occasions
And deliver us from temptations

They help us accomplish our visions
And build the fountains of our earthly mission

They sentence our weakness away
And awaken our strength everyday

Through the waves of their messages and healthy counsels

They wash our fears and wipe our tears

Even than the grave
They silence every storm and teaches us to behave

And like shepherds they lead us to greener pastures

Through their actions and undefiled composures

And when things go wrong

They correct us and fortify us to be strong

But since all may not have angelic personalities

So are there bad nuts among the fraternity

There are bad leaders and false prophets

Who stain the paint on good leaders in shame

All for their selfish gains

Corrupting the institutions

And polluting the populations

But that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating true leaders

Note that by their deeds you shall know if they are real or just actors

Honestly some pastors are a disgrace to the calling

Whilst others are still a blessing

So let’s appreciate the few to keep their rain falling 🍁

For indeed some pastors are good stewards

And do not deserve only to be heavily rewarded

They need to be motivated in cash and kind

To help encourage and push them from behind

For the impact of their grace

Has placed hope on several faces

For they impact lives and transform society

And their generosity and philanthropic activity has rescued many from captivity

And groomed great people in the society

Irrespective of their gender and ethnicity

So why don’t we appreciate them to full capacity

Kofi, Ama and you

Do appreciate your leaders and God will bless you


By DaCosta😍

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TALE OF UNITY by Al-Latif Kambo-Naa

We walked through a glass street door
Poised to be back in saloon room
Shake by wagging tale of unity where
Leaves fell from the bulging tree.

Tugged into clean muddy waters
Of a family yawning off hunger
In a land of abundant fruits
Carrying a huge cross of regret.

Took a three-sixty day of reflection
Dying in self-pity of the past
Hooked by words of ancient tree and
Roots sprout in covered soft layers.

In a place where friend fielded
In for a for in an ambush for glory.
An elite league of African legends
substituted in agony for the norm.

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A perforated basket
Made on a yawning day
I was born.

Stashed through my hurried life
Into the parking garage of future
Guarding me jealously
Without a reason.

A perforated basket
Weaved under the thorny hands
Of a carpenter and seamstress.

Seen by storm and thunder
Carried through floods
Into an unknown gutter—life,
Clearing all goodies along

A perforated basket
Goaded and glared at me
For so long it became a neighbour.

A neighbour that swallowed all thought
Of suctioned life in its prime
Into the belly of mother Earth.

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From the young to the old
From those who are not that bold
And shiver to speak as if with cold

To those who talk without fear
And shed all sort of crocodile tears
Don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

From those who claim to love
Yet cannot even sacrifice what they have

From those with innocent looks
To the annoying ones with weird looks

And those as fat as an inflated balloon
To those as slim as the half moon

From the gentle jacks who stand tall
To those who crawl or don’t walk at all
Don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

Even those behind the pulpit
They narrate the scriptures into fibs
False doctrines being bathed on their culprits
When they still bless with their holy lips

From those who are married
To those who are single and unmarried

Everyone lies about one thing or another
Just to impress or maintain the other

To those who are in power
And those seeking it however

Present lies through propaganda notes
Just to secure some electoral votes
So don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

For those who are hungry
Manipulate lies to be filled
And those who are filled
Fabricate the truth to get thrilled

From the beloved and highly favored
To the foe and those merely hated

None can forever be honest
Especially when put to a solicit test
For lies are ever accustomed in our society
And technology has even made it a normality

So just asked “where have you gotten to”
And the answer will be “I just drove passed the zoo”
Meanwhile he or she is at home
Now dressing up and busily for a comb.

Don’t be deceived for everyone can lie

People hide their right entity
To impress the inquisitive society
By presenting false identity

The truth sometimes seem bitter
So we perceive the bitters as lies
And the sweet as truth

But to my poem alone
I’m sure its not a lie
That everyone can lie 🤥

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By the Christmas tree ? ??
Where the birth of Christ is heard, read, and spread

That Once upon a time
Even before the beginning of time

In a serene vicinity
Lived a beautiful lady, Mary
Right in royal King David’s city

She was very diligent, pious and gay
And while on her routine one auspicious day

An angel appeared out of the blue
To which she had no clue

But in all humility; she received his message with joy
For she’ll give birth to a baby boy

Whom she would call Jesus
Whose birth is meant to save us

Though Mary was engaged to Joseph
A carpenter full of himself

For when he got to know Mary has lost her virginity
To carry an untimely pregnancy

He almost refused to marry Mary
Until an angel appeared in his dream and told him not to worry

They later had a magnificent and a simple wedding ceremony in tranquility
A decree came for all heads to be numbered
So they travelled to a little town called Bethlehem to be counted

Since Mary was loaded with pregnancy
And was about to deliver in ecstasy
They searched and discovered a stable of vacancy

And like a pastors arrival to a revival
They earnestly awaited on the baby’s arrival

Mary gave birth to a blessed baby
In fact one with a heavenly origin

And As shepherds watched their flocks that holy night
Myriads of angels appeared in reflecting beams of light

To announce the good news of the holy baby

Herod the cruel king sent the three wise men to witness and report that beautiful sight
With an intention of attacking to kill the new born king with all his might

The three wise men discovered a sparkling star
That was not too far

leading them to their destination with ease
And upon finding Mary and baby Jesus they were so pleased

So they brought precious gifts
Of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold
They bowed down and presented their gifts with joy untold

The wise men outwitted the wicked King Herod by switching their highway
Whilst the angels directed the blessed family another way

That day the world was blessed beyond measure and stood in awe

This is the Christmas story Our forefathers and father’s told
And we ought to retell it till we are all old

For the birth of Christ is the reason why we are free
And I gladly say it by the Christmas Tree.

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Bed like a sleep

Bed like a sleep ?

The outmost dream patiently deems

Just as the counterpart of sleep seems

To call all hidden fracas to retreat

For your fall was not to be giving a mere treat

Mortality was a case study to be given your downfall

And title it an indigenous home call

For bedding like a sleep needs no wake

A season where fruition needs no rake

Well your sleep defined what it meant

A lesson about death that must be learnt

It’s a journey of no return

But bed like asleep do pretends

To tell your faith in the deep

Surfing your way through memories as you sleep

The wasted time and efforts as you breathed

Guess it’s too late to make any changes at that point

Nevertheless your tomorrow lies in your today as a pivot joint

So make use of all possible chances with a careful leap

For there is no justification to satisfy whilst you bed in your sleep

Which will come unexpected to the expectant

And must be expected at any instant.

For someday somehow you will surely bed in your sleep.

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I once brought you all joy
And after you threw me away like a used toy
Leaving me so frustrated
In shattered pieces
So I cover my broken heart in this poetic pieces
So l could at least be at peace
In such a bleak situation
One so huge,meant to be faced by a nation
Is all being fixed in me; emotional operation
Causing pain and bleeds in sensation

You were once a blanket,my comfort and border
You left me all blank,just to opt for another
Breached our love bond; giving it all to another carrier
I did all I could to seek your attention
So at ease I stood
Yet you took everything for granted
I ever thought I will always be understood
But you got me so confused
You got me so mesmerized to be precise
For my trust in you was a Knickerbocker;so large in size
So why leave me for another⁉️

By: DaCosta Kofi Aboagye

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Electors Mandate

Electors are kingmakers with a special mandate

To elect a competent and right candidate

Who will serve and lead their domain or state

And like a bride and a bridegroom

Whenever we snail-ly walk into election

We advocate for violence instead of preventing any distortion

Forgetting peace in a county is of great exemption

Like a royal being enslaved

We allow our mandate to be taken for granted

So to those who create,loot and share

To those bodies who determine our welfare

Please let’s treat the citizenry with fair

For politics is a means of trading developmental ideas

Not instilling horrific fears

And filling the minority and vulnerable with tears

With your propaganda you proclaim unity

Implanting in our hearts seed of prosperity and security

But you cultivate corruption, nepotism and insecurity

Politics, now a dirty game

Defaming people’s good name

Yet it’s not always them to blame

For we put on their shoulders elephant expectations

Which is not even their ant obligation

Putting politicians in tight angles

Forcing them to behave as archangels

As Angels who are meant to meet

Who are meant to meet our every need

So don’t be surprised if they steal from us

Just in the name of impressing us

And end up in huge mansions and flashy cars

There need to be an electoral rehab

For the power to rule is on the thumb of the elector

Yet we trade our holistic mandate

To the wrong candidate

In the name of tribe, religion and affiliate

Why taking a token to exercise your enfranchise?

Why allowing malice boil in our ears like rice?

Oh fellow elector, where is your mandate?

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Born One

Once a treasured treasure, a vessel of honour

A version of immense pride

Yet losing my virginity

To bear an untimely pregnancy

Has given me such a wedlock ride

So I gave birth, not to stick to abortion as others do daily

Even though faith mistakenly brought my child and I together early

Leaving me no faith that ultimate to be legitimate

But at this tender age of mine I’ve been shut behind the marriage gate

Less of Oliver twist, I wanted to taste just a morsel of marriage

Yet the courage I carry as having a child strikes my courage

The courage of not being regarded as secondhand or inferior in the process of marriage

I’ve been tossed like the game of chess

For several men consider me as a mess

Childbearing before marriage in this diaspora is worse than committing a sacred offense

It is as if you are sitting on the devil’s throne

Especially when you are from a religious home

You’re not just being tagged #born one in essence

You become the subject of laughter facing severe public nonsense

“She’s born one” your story will be on all lips and existing articles

But it wasn’t my fault too love on the wrong side

so why is society burning my desires and causing my dreams to forcefully hide

It always not a desire to be a victim of what I call a date rape

Why then has my destiny been tired with a mere rope?

Why have I been rejected by religion and the entire society?

Why have been ejected from the house as if I’ve committed a calamity?

So now the streets has become my living and holistic entity

Lewdness and harlotry has become my new identity

Just and just because I have an extra mouth to feed

Just because I have to survive and provide for our daily needs

So to choose to labour from dawn to dusk

As if my life has come to an end

Then I’ll be a slay Queen or a prostitute in the dark

At least is a normal trend

Or deny my child and claim to be a virgin

Just to be married to the innocent

So please endure the deception, for my hopes of tasting marriage is lost

Yet I have to survive at any cost

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