Mother – An Anthology

The ones who undertake our childhood roles The very souls that prepares our daily bowls They're from men but raised higher on the pole To be caring,...

The Two Moons

Dark empty sky stretched To the wide endless recurrence of infinity Kissed by cold callous breath Of a lonely dull lighted keeper of the night skies Whom roused...


I once brought you all joy And after you threw me away like a used toy Leaving me so frustrated In shattered pieces So I cover my broken...

Together forever

Together forever is the theme Of bonding us together to the end and extreme To overthrow and rule our dream Of staying together to the brim as...


In it I take my joy. Not an ordinary appellation, It took a different twist, Sabon but never related In the infancy of dawn, I stepped into oozing dew Blanketed...


Childhood memories are like the sun bird and the sweet nectar The memory is a pollinator that defines our youth As a young child, barefooted I...

My Joy

I have found her at last! Her name is joy... My joy! She was so very close and yet I failed to see her radiance But faith, Has brought...

Brain Father

Man of vision and ambition yet an available friend for all Nurturer of my brain children Potential instrument in my career With motherly care have you held...


A black queen from Kada Elegantly beautiful Naturally endowed in black African tint O lily of the North How my love grows in faith with destiny Black heroine, mother...


Scared of my pen, that I might not scribe a word of understanding for you Am scared! Scared to tread on the path of life, mayhaps...

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