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Dim light

Once a bright star and a beloved

Now you are nowhere to be discovered

Like a dim moon
Or an ended toon

It was a great show anyway

Waking up everyday beside someone you know I say

A perfect picture

Now with a terrific nature

Horrific to look at

For the bright lights are now gone out

Leaving the atmosphere stygian

With invisible shadows

Stealing the ecstasy of the libertarian

Who now resides in hollows

Struggling to be apparent in the spotlight

With every possible might

Despondently, your return cannot be anticipated

Till our lives become terminated

For situations at times

Present us with limes

But if you can make the bitter sweet

Then the sweetness will always retweet

All hopes can fall out

All lights may dim out

But look further in the tunnel that is darkened

For there’s actually a light at the very end that is well brightened

Dim light you may be now but brighter is your end.

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HopeLifePoetrySpoken Word


Raise the platform in the alley

And let’s conduct a campaign rally

Let’s promise them a heaven amidst the storms

Let’s ensure something new, something out of the norm

Draft a new Propaganda

Dubbed “the agenda for a prosperous Africa”

Let us preach their utmost interest

And place it above every existing nest

Yes! yes!, that is what politicians Promises us;

Several non-existing development.

Yet we know what they truly meant

That all was for their Selfish interest

Full of greed and selfishness

Trading our welfare as if their own business

Corrupting the institutions

Polluting the populations

Trading our long lasting peace

With argument, war and corrupt practices just for a silver piece.

Advancing the knowledge gained from our books

Just for looting our resources for their shooting boots.

Oh Mama Africa

Till when will your cries be heard?!

Till when will your smiles be spread!?

Let’s raise the platform again

This time no falsehoods and selfish gains

This time let’s consider the natives livelihoods and pain

Let’s practise what we preach

And make every resource and opportunity get to everyone’s reach

Let’s have love for all and hate for none

And Africa will surely unite as one.


by DaCosta de Poet😍

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We know say for some of us
Na for ghetto dem born us
Na for ghetto we go school
The school we go self no be first class
Na for ghetto we dey grow up
But e no mean say We no go make am.

We know say for some of us
Our Papa no be minister
Our Papa no be millionaire
E fit be say some of us no get Papa self
But e sure for us, we go make am
So far baba God dey with us.

We know say for some of us
Na we hustle pay our school fees
We no say even connection we no get
Say we reach where we reach today
Na we hustle am out
But the thing be say, God dey with us

We know say for some of us
We no get fine house to live
we no get better motor
But e sure for us say
One day this hustle go pay
God no go shame us at all.


By Linda Okafor 🇳🇬
Zealous Poetess ✨

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In it I take my joy.
Not an ordinary appellation,
It took a different twist,
Sabon but never related
In the infancy of dawn,
I stepped into oozing dew
Blanketed by the droplets
Which fest on my nimble foot

Oh! my ankles weren’t left out
The blades of grass axed them
Like a butcher’s chopping board
The bijoux of cow dung crowded
A meandered path
Uncertain of what hide under
A callused darkness of water and mud.

I wobbled faster than a dodged bird,
Dangled closely to a shooting pellets And hopped sharper than a toad,
Distancing my wafted feet
from seated lakes,
On a middle path.
But why should I snailed ponds
Or Mountains, Blades of grass,
Endure the bloodstains to a Joy?

I got to the four squared edifice
Wishwashed in yellowish oil,
Candying in with dawn timberness.
It’s not an ordinary joy.
From above, it stooped into my palm,
Caressing my soul, body and mind.
It’s a Joy of different order.


Al Latif Kambonaang.

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Journey of life

“Obra Akwantuo”

An episode that man cannot fully understand

A complexity yet a four letter word that never lands.

The journey of life begins right from the onset of birth.

The very anticipating moment when one breathe the first breath.

And right from infancy even before your toothing.

Life started with you through your crawling till dying.

Like the blooming of a flower till it’s withering

Life is a journey with it’s destination so hard to determine.

Full of mixed events and happenings.

And seems more of science yet needs working like math.

The journey of life is without a path but of many routes.

Sometimes one has to virtually trace every happenings to one’s root.

For it was once wisphered that what happened to your father or mother may happen to you.

Be it generational curses or blessings which you may not even have a clue.

The journey of Life has become a race for many.

Copying others lifestyle and forgetting life is not a symphony or harmony

Or a chorus meant to be chanted together.

“Obra Akwantuo ne obra anamontuo eny3 p3”

Yes! the journey of life has a distinct note and key altogether.

It gives diverse favourable opportunities to everyone.

And worse and unpleasant experiences to the unlucky one.

Situations present to our nest rigid prizes

For the journey of life itself is of a fall and a rise.

Life leaves behind in our dark caves some wonderful memories

For it’s journey is an unforgettable adventure, coupled with experiences and stories

Full of trials, regrets and enjoyable moments

Life teaches us lessons as if we are it’s student.

Though death is the bus stop to the journey of life

Yet we believe in a next life to encounter where there’s no strife
“Obra twa owuo de3 nanso y3 pre daaa nkwa”

And with God in your journey, “daa nkwa no wobefa no kwa


DaCosta de poet.

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If l can’t get to the clouds
I will reach for the skies

If l can’t be wealthy
I will reach for comfort

If l can’t get to the moon
I will reach for its light

If l can’t get love from you
I will reach for friendship

If l can’t get to the stars
I will long for its greatness

If l can’t get to the sun
I will long for its brightness

If l can’t be on earth
I will long for heaven

If l can’t get help
I will learn to help

If l can’t get love
I will learn to love

I will rather reach for the skies
To illuminate the world with its brightness

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Home Sick by Linda Okafor

Home sick

My mind REMINISCE those times
When Flies were cherished not to be hurt
When mama knows her dignity
And teaches her lass virtue.

I sit on this TREE remembering
Those days when thiefs are scared
Of the owner of the house
And not combating ownership
Title with the owner.

Now it’s a mere flashback
When my country maintained
Culture and dignity,
Immorality was abnormality

It’s far gone when the Hausas loved
The Yorubas, the Igbo man
Cared for the Tivs
And the Yorubas defend the Idomas

I wish it could be restored,
That time that our leaders kept the pledge; to serve my country with all
My strength
I’m home sick, I wish to go back to
That home, that detest inhumane deeds

I’m home sick, I want to go back to my home
Where peace exist among
Men of different tribes,
where mothers are virtuous
And fathers sincere.

I’m home sick, let me go back to my home
Where morality is practiced.

Linda Okafor 🇳🇬
Zealous poetess ✨

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AdultApathyDeathDrawings And PaintingsLifePoetry

Old Age! A Crime?

So much has happened around us
Serious maiming of ourselves
As if we will not grow old one day

Powerful hands that once nurtured us
Bathed us in their own basins without killing us
And fed our hungry bellies to grow

Legs that once carried us through difficult ways
Walked miles unmeasured to safeguard us
Their bodies as our grass to step to grace

Eyes that once taught us silent speeches
Trailed our vulnerable steps to wisdom
Witnessed ungrateful generations uncharted

Ears that once listened to our wrath
Carried us on their falling backs without complaint
Our weight bending their waist to lynching mobs

Sons and daughters of her herd
Has sorted her old life out in disgrace
Tagged as witch overnight

Our vulnerable aged in society
Who has no wealthy pillars to lean on
Condemned to witchery at will

Breathe! Breathe! Youth and Adults of today
Who points fingers at the aged
They may be abstract, you are the whole chapter

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Scared of my pen, that I might not scribe a word of understanding for you

Am scared!

Scared to tread on the path of life, mayhaps the destroyer of innocent souls might devour me and none could save me

Am scared!

Scared to reach out for the future, that the winds of failure might blow me down and none would be there to hold me up

Am scared!

Scared of taking that step, maybe my feet might fail me and my journey made half way.

Am scared!

Scared of the twists and turns of life, perhaps I might turn and turn half of that that me

Am scared!

Scared of my pains, that I might cry too much and get drowned in the waters of my eyes

Am scared!

Scared of trusting you, that you might leave a hole of everlasting grief that none could hope to ever fill

Am scared!

Scared to fall for your love, maybe I might fall too deep for bruises and scars which never will heal

Am scared!

Scared of your thoughts, of your comprehensions from this muse’s musings!

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Nature Authentic By Linda Okafor and Ibrahim Khalili Sassey

Nature Authentic

Mama Africa!
Endowed with great rivers and beaches
A land fenced with milk and honey
A habitat of great heroes and heroines
That have made history
Her belly full of mystery

Mama Africa!
A soul filled with pride and honour
You’re envied by all
He couldn’t be exceptional, America
You’re a paradise on earth

Mama Africa
It’s an honour
To be birthed by you
Till eternity I’ll be so proud of you

Mama Africa
Undefiled is your beauty
Graced with treasures
Longing to be get hold of
By the neighboring continent.

Mama Africa!
you’ve birthed heroes
Your descendants, Amazons so industrious

Mama Africa
In your eyes is seen Love
Love ever endless
In your eyes is seen pains
Pains of the million treasures
Stolen by the white aliens

Mama Africa
I see in you bravenes
Brave to keep your descendants
I see in you Love
Love that welcomes both the whites
In deep hospitality
You embraced them

In you treasures are hidden
Ones that you’ve kept for your children
Your beauty reflects in the face of the ocean
From the valley
I can hear your sweet melody
So soothing to thy descendants.

Linda Nneka Okafor ( Nigeria) 🇳🇬
Ibrahim Khalil Sesay ( Seirra Leone)🇸🇱

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