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Are you a comforter?

Or an Armageddon of the bed?

You forced sunshine into the night,

Your exploits echoed fear and joy

Into the annals of the born and unborn

You break human walls

In a vulnerable community,

welded by race and ethnocentrism.

I met you first in a car–

A lonely destination,

And you showed so much compassion.

You overlooked my dark colour,

Something you watched with your own eyes

Yet you accepted me wholeheartedly

Crushed long-held family conventions,

Built traditions that mend pots

engravings sharper than a razor blade

to give this beautiful life

that the first poem I wrote

echoed you.

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Dim light

Once a bright star and a beloved

Now you are nowhere to be discovered

Like a dim moon
Or an ended toon

It was a great show anyway

Waking up everyday beside someone you know I say

A perfect picture

Now with a terrific nature

Horrific to look at

For the bright lights are now gone out

Leaving the atmosphere stygian

With invisible shadows

Stealing the ecstasy of the libertarian

Who now resides in hollows

Struggling to be apparent in the spotlight

With every possible might

Despondently, your return cannot be anticipated

Till our lives become terminated

For situations at times

Present us with limes

But if you can make the bitter sweet

Then the sweetness will always retweet

All hopes can fall out

All lights may dim out

But look further in the tunnel that is darkened

For there’s actually a light at the very end that is well brightened

Dim light you may be now but brighter is your end.

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HopeLifePoetrySpoken Word


Raise the platform in the alley

And let’s conduct a campaign rally

Let’s promise them a heaven amidst the storms

Let’s ensure something new, something out of the norm

Draft a new Propaganda

Dubbed “the agenda for a prosperous Africa”

Let us preach their utmost interest

And place it above every existing nest

Yes! yes!, that is what politicians Promises us;

Several non-existing development.

Yet we know what they truly meant

That all was for their Selfish interest

Full of greed and selfishness

Trading our welfare as if their own business

Corrupting the institutions

Polluting the populations

Trading our long lasting peace

With argument, war and corrupt practices just for a silver piece.

Advancing the knowledge gained from our books

Just for looting our resources for their shooting boots.

Oh Mama Africa

Till when will your cries be heard?!

Till when will your smiles be spread!?

Let’s raise the platform again

This time no falsehoods and selfish gains

This time let’s consider the natives livelihoods and pain

Let’s practise what we preach

And make every resource and opportunity get to everyone’s reach

Let’s have love for all and hate for none

And Africa will surely unite as one.


by DaCosta de Poet😍

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We know say for some of us
Na for ghetto dem born us
Na for ghetto we go school
The school we go self no be first class
Na for ghetto we dey grow up
But e no mean say We no go make am.

We know say for some of us
Our Papa no be minister
Our Papa no be millionaire
E fit be say some of us no get Papa self
But e sure for us, we go make am
So far baba God dey with us.

We know say for some of us
Na we hustle pay our school fees
We no say even connection we no get
Say we reach where we reach today
Na we hustle am out
But the thing be say, God dey with us

We know say for some of us
We no get fine house to live
we no get better motor
But e sure for us say
One day this hustle go pay
God no go shame us at all.


By Linda Okafor 🇳🇬
Zealous Poetess ✨

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Unaware of the mistake that brought her grief and sorrow

She was rejected by those who love her

Her mind like balloon garland of many thoughts

Confusion trails her

The scar is anew in mind’s screen

And her pillow is wet all night


Grief has kept on knocking on her door

Anxiety has torn her clothes

And my heart is ripped apart

Nobody to share her broken heart with

Wedding cord is unheld

And the cordless bond had pain in its citrus juice


No blessing is tied to this cord

And the shame I dwell in steadily keeps my heart to the kids unborn

Pregnancy out of wedlock, a taboo in her clan

She toiled all day in bulged belly

Born into a land of flesh, the fetus doubled

The pain of raising the kids have stiffened her heart


She sleeps and her heart’s awake

Who will raise the kids with her?

Agonized by her mistake

And driven out in the second trimester

In cold and no roof over her

She toiled to feed the joy

That gladdens her heart


If her parents were alive

Fate would have smiled

Mother’s love would be like the chess queen protecting the chess Kings unborn

Hatred surged in the heart of those who should have loved

How would she feed the kids?

Misery piles up in her heart


The cross l bear is to care for my kids

My womb was a house that kept them warmth

There is no roof to keep them warmth again

Belly buttons tended in ignorance

The love of my kids is an undying flower

That grows in my thought

I love my kids with all heart

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If l can’t get to the clouds
I will reach for the skies

If l can’t be wealthy
I will reach for comfort

If l can’t get to the moon
I will reach for its light

If l can’t get love from you
I will reach for friendship

If l can’t get to the stars
I will long for its greatness

If l can’t get to the sun
I will long for its brightness

If l can’t be on earth
I will long for heaven

If l can’t get help
I will learn to help

If l can’t get love
I will learn to love

I will rather reach for the skies
To illuminate the world with its brightness

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On that oath ‘I shall fight to save my father land’ I stood.
On that pledge ‘no matter the situation I shall fight’ I stood.
I’ve lived like I’ve got no bond, no family
Left in the field of foes
Fighting Fearlessly to save my people.

The rains of bullet
From the enemies flowed, Hunting to devour us.
As I combated fearlessly
I felt the sharp pierce of the bullet, so hot as it found it’s way deep inside of me
Gallantly as a soldier, I attempted to move, but then my legs had frozen,
I stargared, screemed
As I see the breathe of life
Shot away from me

In your might, you’d try to save me
A defender, you fought hard to be my shield.
Brother I hear you screem, I answer you but you can’t hear my voice
Voice that has faded to the realm of another world.

Brother, tell the country
I had fought so hard
Fought to defend them from these merciless foes
Go tell my wife, that I feel so ashamed
The promise! ‘I will come back for you’ I failed to keep.
Tell my descendants
I was brave at the war front
I was brave to death
I died in an attempt to defend them

Don’t cry for me brother, I fought bravely,
And Bravely I have died.
In my attempt to save lives I lost mine.

By Linda Okafor

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You claim her dressing entices you,



Aren’t you supposed to lower your gaze?
What stopped you from it?



You were meant to be an angel to her on earth

Not a beast

You ‘re a human, not a beast

And should’ve behaved like one


You weeded a farmland
Our ancestors never weeded.
A grass they never walked on
Water they never drunk

You breathe air they never breathe
Wind they never felt
Sunshine that never touched their skins
Beds they never slept.

You saw things they’ve never seen
Laughter they never laughed
Sauntering they never did
Haggles they never knew.

Into the Badlands, you craved,
Wore brain tools there never dreamt
Casket (imaginations) they never laid
Mechanical Shoes they never footed.

And whoever had given you much,
Expected much from you,
So did they labor and toil
All for society’s benediction.

Yet in our contemporariness,
Society had become the victim,
Not just the bad roads weeded
But the unexpected antecedence.

And to lay a hand on a sepulcher–
God’s own chosen abode;
When HE, and HIMSELF, cautioned,
Is the least humanity bargained.

Ahem! A bountiful price looms,
Pangs not sharper than anvil’s cry,
Breathless wails in a half dug pit,
Pebbles waisted on an illustrious life.

A voice trailed the moonlight,
‘If you had lowered your gaze,
You wouldn’t have fallen into the Crater.”

Soaked in a sobbing crowd–for and against–
Scar, darker than a birthmark, shouting,
So many words might have died in dungeons,
But not mine! Not mine! Not mine! Not…


Al Latif Kambonaang
Yasira Yusif


picture credit: iStock.com

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My dear Rain Mermaid❤️

I knew no rage,
I don’t have a scene anger
I don’t spite so easily

It’s not because I’m invincible,
Not because I do not feel
But because I do not gather venom

I’m known to shoot last shots
I never missed a shot too
Neither have I wasted a target

My rain mermaid ❤️

The power of my aroma
sparks a talking tom, talking
A dancing eyes stops–agape

Hm! The leer of my tongue,
Makes the billy goat handover its odor
And its canal knowledge also.

Yet its being two years,
Since I last shot a shot
And it was the 25th target.

My rain mermaid❤️

Ever since I met you,
In that beautiful trotro on a dusty road
To the junction of School junction

You remember those vibes you gave,
That beautiful smile,
They never leaves my thoughts,

Despite being Kwame Nkrumah,
Of colonized minds,
Separating superhumans from chaffs

My rain mermaid ❤️

Remember I told you of effects,
One night, Old enough to bear witness,
When you scooped all the leftover residue.

I told you of readiness too,
Yet I never intended to shoot a shot,
But a cunning tongue unleashed an arrow,

You know the night I rebirthed you,
Renamed you as rain mermaid under a mild downpour
I became a son of the rain goddess too.

My rain mermaid❤️

Our midnight chats has been rooted,
Open minded, candid, and blunt.
A nightingale heard telling things about you.

Brimming appetite to such heightened level,
That I never knew anybody could touch;
Any mortal, born of loins–flesh and blood

Yet your “terrible luck” proved a key,
Opening a lock, made of diamond;
Never had there been a key to this.

My rain mermaid ❤️

Aha! Didn’t the world thought me crazy,
For not compromising on anything?
Yet tomatoes smile upon my sight.

I know you are in a middle of dilemma,
Left leg forward, right leg backward,
Sensing something abnormal,

Ahem! Abnormality only troops your doorstep,
For when a snakes develop buttocks,
The world goes asunder.

My rain mermaid ❤️

Love! Oh ho! What an emotionally hang up?
Hysteria on physical appearances; reality loss, huh!
And many others can’t connect the dots.

But in my realm of consciousness,
Love–a negotiated piece of jewel–
Required compromise and consensus.

And love is a complimentary ticket,
A partnership to propelled each to higher levels,
Bringing each others best capabilities

My rain mermaid ❤️

Love is not what they say it is; elusive beauty–
Yet it’s companionship,
Shouldering a head without a pillar,

Love is marriage; not mirage,
Providing comfort and satisfaction,
And reproducing; When there’s none to offer.

Love is friendship in confidence,
A platform of reliability and trust,
This is what they won’t say it is.

My rain mermaid❤️

You have scooped out my intestines,
Emptying the little secret I nursed on love,
And numbness griped my mind.

This only happens,
When the Ashen sky meets the blueish sea
At the planks of ocean at the Atlantic.

I am only but human,
With driven feelings and affection,
Which landed at your doorstep like a meteorite.

My rain mermaid ❤️

I don’t know how to call it?
Maybe it’s love, or deserts,
Connected by two Rivers.

But it lacks the kohl decorated eyes,
A very bright iris, lining a black pupil,
And a pointed African nose.

I know it wasn’t love–beautiful,
And not what they say, “will end in tears”
Because it’s a long way from home.

My rain mermaid ❤️

They say two types of water shared the sea,
Though same territory,they never shared goals.
We can as well share a space too.

As I talk to you in monologue,
I am in stasis–somnambulism, Walking away;
Singing (far-faraway into freedom…)

My rain mermaid, I know! You know!
But don’t let the dog eat us,
To make good of good again from unfettered freedom.

My Rain Mermaid,
It’s yours Affectionate,
Son of Rain Goddess.

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What’s left of me,
In the abandoned garden
Of teak trees, minerals, rivers,
Is Craving, Crying and Wailing
For a helping hand.

I can no longer menstruate
Because there’s no blood left
In my arteries, nor veins,
I suffer throes caused not by thrombosis,
But being drained by my own children.

I was a beautiful garden,
Repleted with roses and rhododendrons.
Out of abundance, my throat choked on,
Luring detractors far and wide of the globe,
Even my desolate North was not spared.

I was adorned with gold, diamond, bauxite,
Dangling voluptuously
On my protruded Western butt,
Fattened Central neck and flattened Eastern chest.
Even my deserted North boast of Shea trees.

I was full of Gold and Green,
Blue and black,
Patriots and Nationalist,
Committed and Dedicated,
Honor and Sanctity clouded my yesteryears.

But here I lie today,
Left with my bone,
All the flesh; one I once prided in,
Is eaten by the devouring canine
Of my own children without sympathy for posterity.

I was once advised by their father’s fathers,
That evil is as useful as good is.
I tasted good at their time;
I wanted to see the usefulness of evil,
And now I can’t find a trace of honor in them.

I know I’m heading to my own doom,
Whenever they say “I pledge on my honor.”
The flesh which made me lascivious,
Attracting responsible and irresponsible alike,
Is devoured to the bone.

My once illuminating greenery,
Has given way to the reddish-brown of the Sahara,
The gold, my symbol of purity,
Once cleanly soiled by a man in suit,
Rescued by their fathers, now is soiled crudely by them.

What’s left of me is wrung without worry.
My marrow is drenched to the Nth power,
My painful tears, mistaken as joy,
And the overwhelming silence breaks my spine.
Now I wait to die; my final death.


Unchangeable Trait by Linda Okafor

Untold Agony

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