Mother – An Anthology

The ones who undertake our childhood roles The very souls that prepares our daily bowls They're from men but raised higher on the pole To be caring,...

Born One

Once a treasured treasure, a vessel of honour A version of immense pride Yet losing my virginity To bear an untimely pregnancy Has given me such a wedlock...


Are you a comforter? Or an Armageddon of the bed? You forced sunshine into the night, Your exploits echoed fear and joy Into the annals of the born...


It was not a mistake, I married you Love held us knitted Love is gone sour Mother found a village bride But I preferred you   She saw the trouble...

Brain Father

Man of vision and ambition yet an available friend for all Nurturer of my brain children Potential instrument in my career With motherly care have you held...

To The Drunkard’s Daughter

We like to drink, We love to drink, We live to drink, We like drinking, We enjoy drinking, We worship drinking, We drink for the gods We drink to quest their...

The hero

Affectionate and exceptional in love Honest,kind and compassionate Man of integrity Helper in child life With no grades No competition Dialogue of moral value Teacher by action The life smile Not expensive Vow with...


We were like the thin air, Unprecedented to our future existence on earth, until you came like a flash. Guarding the walls you built, awaiting...

My Mother

    A woman so strong She builds her home A woman so brave She defends her own A woman so firm She corrects wrongs A woman so kind She feeds everyone A mother...


A lake formed from the black voltas Bowl lying at the Upper tip In a crossroad, called Wa(come), Owning a spreadsheet of Land, Sissala to the North, Lobi...

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