Fair and scary is the nature
a great dominant of the universe
as old as the earth.
Numbered in the first creative work of God.

Loved by men but despised by men.
You bring life to man but thou taketh the life of man
If by fate falls to the deep wide trap.
Your scary turbulence makes the world tremble.

Incredibly Famous is the existence
The richest can’t do without you
The poorest can’t survive the absence.
Man crosses seven hills And Forest
Just to get thy life rekindling swill.
At no hesitation shall man put up his Last dime just to get hold of you.

Just like the great walls of Jericho
you’ve kept Nations apart.
The tranquil nature has granted man the privilege to utilize you as desired.
A unique being befriended by all
and not an enemy to any despite the fact that
man in his nature uses you
both on trash and treasure.

Had the mighty Creator extincted you from men,
then they shall live to perish
out of starvation of the taste.
The birds of the air
the trees of the forest
succumbs and confesses the significance of the existence.

  • You mean life to man
    Your gift to man is life
    The sage once said;
    He who brings water brings life
    thy position on the planet is irreplaceable.

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