Holding your hands, and wondering what life without you could have ever been.
Been sitting here all along, waiting for when you will return my smiles.
Smiles worn on my face like a mask, maybe just to hide this tears.
Tears that don’t seem to stop, as I reminisce our happy moments together.

Together we walked down the aisle, life was set just for me and you.
You were the best that ever happened to me, bringing the sunshine into my life, lighting up my darkest part.
Giving me something I never deserved, a whole new start
A life filled with promises, as we shall walk together on this lovely path.

But promises are always meant to be broken, or how else can I explain this broken heart.
I saw you fight so hard, like a combat with a terror, you’d tell me you will be fine.
In your eyes was written strength but this enemy stood on it.

And now, all I’m going to have left of you, are just memories
An album of beautiful pictures, that will only tell sad stories
I had seen the worst pains, watching you smile, holding my hand, your eyes closing slowly, my spine chilling, your heart beat ceased.

Wishing I would wake up from this nightmare, but it’s reality, you’ve left when I needed you most
The fate of our kids now unknown.
A half of me has gone missing
This vacuum shall exist forever, leaving me with a hole, and leaving the whole of me with nothing but this final words;
“Adieu” my best- half.




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