On that oath ‘I shall fight to save my father land’ I stood.
On that pledge ‘no matter the situation I shall fight’ I stood.
I’ve lived like I’ve got no bond, no family
Left in the field of foes
Fighting Fearlessly to save my people.

The rains of bullet
From the enemies flowed, Hunting to devour us.
As I combated fearlessly
I felt the sharp pierce of the bullet, so hot as it found it’s way deep inside of me
Gallantly as a soldier, I attempted to move, but then my legs had frozen,
I stargared, screemed
As I see the breathe of life
Shot away from me

In your might, you’d try to save me
A defender, you fought hard to be my shield.
Brother I hear you screem, I answer you but you can’t hear my voice
Voice that has faded to the realm of another world.

Brother, tell the country
I had fought so hard
Fought to defend them from these merciless foes
Go tell my wife, that I feel so ashamed
The promise! ‘I will come back for you’ I failed to keep.
Tell my descendants
I was brave at the war front
I was brave to death
I died in an attempt to defend them

Don’t cry for me brother, I fought bravely,
And Bravely I have died.
In my attempt to save lives I lost mine.

By Linda Okafor

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