Once a treasured treasure, a vessel of honour


A version of immense pride

Yet losing my virginity

To bear an untimely pregnancy

Has given me such a wedlock ride

So I gave birth, not to stick to abortion as others do daily

Even though faith mistakenly brought my child and I together early

Leaving me no faith that ultimate to be legitimate

But at this tender age of mine I’ve been shut behind the marriage gate

Less of Oliver twist, I wanted to taste just a morsel of marriage

Yet the courage I carry as having a child strikes my courage

The courage of not being regarded as secondhand or inferior in the process of marriage

I’ve been tossed like the game of chess

For several men consider me as a mess

Childbearing before marriage in this diaspora is worse than committing a sacred offense

It is as if you are sitting on the devil’s throne

Especially when you are from a religious home

You’re not just being tagged #born one in essence

You become the subject of laughter facing severe public nonsense

“She’s born one” your story will be on all lips and existing articles

But it wasn’t my fault too love on the wrong side

so why is society burning my desires and causing my dreams to forcefully hide

It always not a desire to be a victim of what I call a date rape

Why then has my destiny been tired with a mere rope?

Why have I been rejected by religion and the entire society?

Why have been ejected from the house as if I’ve committed a calamity?

So now the streets has become my living and holistic entity

Lewdness and harlotry has become my new identity

Just and just because I have an extra mouth to feed

Just because I have to survive and provide for our daily needs

So to choose to labour from dawn to dusk

As if my life has come to an end

Then I’ll be a slay Queen or a prostitute in the dark

At least is a normal trend

Or deny my child and claim to be a virgin

Just to be married to the innocent

So please endure the deception, for my hopes of tasting marriage is lost

Yet I have to survive at any cost

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