Bed like a sleep ?

The outmost dream patiently deems

Just as the counterpart of sleep seems

To call all hidden fracas to retreat

For your fall was not to be giving a mere treat

Mortality was a case study to be given your downfall

And title it an indigenous home call

For bedding like a sleep needs no wake

A season where fruition needs no rake

Well your sleep defined what it meant

A lesson about death that must be learnt

It’s a journey of no return

But bed like asleep do pretends

To tell your faith in the deep

Surfing your way through memories as you sleep

The wasted time and efforts as you breathed

Guess it’s too late to make any changes at that point

Nevertheless your tomorrow lies in your today as a pivot joint

So make use of all possible chances with a careful leap

For there is no justification to satisfy whilst you bed in your sleep

Which will come unexpected to the expectant

And must be expected at any instant.

For someday somehow you will surely bed in your sleep.

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