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Costly Dalliance

My eyes are stocked with Amazement, everything appears to be a joke, I had prayed it was a mere nightmare. Can someone wake me up...


Into our shells our heads are put As we cry in secret, Groan in depression Tears flow in millions but only our Pillows can testify to that. This coat...


On that oath 'I shall fight to save my father land' I stood. On that pledge 'no matter the situation I shall fight' I stood. I've...

The Poet

The Poet digs wells For you to drink Refresh your soul, To stop and think   What really matters And what does not Has little to do with What we have got   When...

Meeting at night

The day was over When I first laid my eyes on you Colors in the darkness were nothing But the expression of love As the flowers were asleep The...


The greatest interest of love, Is in the mist of the heart Until world is no more, And the earth melt away, Let’s hold unto it, Until sun shines...


COLD, COLD HEART Cold disposition, black of heart, I had your measure from the start Did you really believe it was true? That I was in love with...

Beyond life

  Beyond the truth, Lies the real truth Beyond charm, handsomeness Appearance, lies a frozen, meaningless, sardonic smile Beyond energy, vigor, purpose, lies Inertia, perpetual inaction Beyond privacy, allure, desire, passion Beyond...

A person in the mirror

A person in the mirror You have never cared, What others had to say, You always stood your ground, While others walked away You love a challenge, And you love...

Indulge Me

Indulge me in a tale... Entitled, urban creed Where children starve While predators feed. Where tormented souls Are kept just within reach, Where a crude form of justice, Is the unspoken...

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