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THE STORY THAT BEGOT THE GLORY We lived in harmony until they sailed through the Niger. Like saints, they transgressed with intent to devour. Without hostility but...

Home Sick by Linda Okafor

Home sick My mind REMINISCE those times When Flies were cherished not to be hurt When mama knows her dignity And teaches her lass virtue. I sit on this...

Nature Authentic By Linda Okafor and Ibrahim Khalili Sassey

Nature Authentic Mama Africa! Endowed with great rivers and beaches A land fenced with milk and honey A habitat of great heroes and heroines That have made history Her belly...

PAINED by Linda Okafor

White is thy heart but stained Heart nefarious but beautiful to the beholders. Voice sweet, a deceit plot you'd offer. Just like it rains...

PLEA by Linda Okafor

  Dear sky, let loose thy rain That my sorrows be washed away Dear Nightingale, I'd be Glad if only you can sing to my heart. A heart dominanated...

Broken Promises by Linda Okafor And Southside

Holding your hands, and wondering what life without you could have ever been. Been sitting here all along, waiting for when you will return my...

Unchangeable Trait by Linda Okafor

Unchangeable Trait I wish but can't stop, it's in my nature I'd write what I see. I know I've exposed your evil secrets, how you've pepetrated...

Shade on my Light

Grey is the uncertainty of thy Wobble self, Frey to the extreme of thy short-lived life, Circumstantial cut of thy own short coming, I'm hard press by...

Catastrophic Savior

  Fair and scary is the nature a great dominant of the universe as old as the earth. Numbered in the first creative work of God. Loved by men...

Ravaging Fate

  At thought, the heart beats hundred times faster. The torment is like a raging torrent Powerful enough to drown the globe The earth thrown off it's balance You're the...

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