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The Two Moons

Dark empty sky stretched To the wide endless recurrence of infinity Kissed by cold callous breath Of a lonely dull lighted keeper of the night skies Whom roused...

By the truth

By the truth of this falling rain Your love, indeed my heart gain For that think I not with my head That alive were my wits but...

When My Mistress Sings

That night by Celine Dione, She sang my heart will go on and on So much so that the Atlantic must have brew Rising upon her tide...

The Rose ????

Such gentle flower Wrapped in comforts of crimson petals For of my thoughts are so much shaken in That thunders of mine heart Be felt speaking in drumming...

The 8th wonder

Was I to tell the truth about her eyes, The world would say that this poet, lies Was I to write songs of how focused her...


From a land so far we heard it came sailing upon waters of the winds That so haste a tempest it spread and claim Yet dread burnt...

The poet is sorry

I know I made a promise But my deeds never filled it's pot. I know because of me the lightening flashed deep Heaping darkness in it's dreariest...

Were colours not colours

The mind wonders O colors, were you not colors What colors would colors be? The heart answers Colors would be non but that Of the nymph's touch Utterly trekking to...

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