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The man in the mirror. He deflects what he reflects. Mirror mirror on the wall, now that you’re on the floor. Show him the pieces that make...

Perfect Imperfections

I am not perfect I am not the only one with this defect Where's the prefect? Let the other names on paper reflect Voices in my head making...


I miss the days we used to cry on our way to school I mean we tried to be our best and still we were...

M.A.M.A. (A Rare Gem)

The clock ticked and it was time for her gravida test Following the instructions in order to push the innocent "mortal engine" out first The innocent...

Moving On…

Heart's pounding Sweat's dripping Muscle's shaking He wakes up feeling down again; "Oh it's that day again" he says A morning Knight had a mourning night Thinking about how someday...

Behind the ‘seen’

She wakes up again crying She sees living as a punishment, She just wants peace; her death wish! She killed her spirit just to kill her body...

The Big Wave

No fun for the broken heart sometimes, obviously there’s no fan for the ‘Adeɛyie’ when he’s mending tattered sweat pants, very suffocating. Calling me ‘sweetheart’...

Kingdom Animalia

The lion protects its pride yet not proud; The hyenas laugh at their own mediocrity whilst the vultures idolize demises The eagles oversees every ego yet...

Tears Of The Sun

We’ve all got these mines in our minds, you better mind your step or else this journey of yours would be ‘mind blowing’. Take cover like there’s...

P.O.Box (Please Open the Box) (Open list) (0 submissions)

Dear Leader, Read carefully the situation on grounds; readers are leaders, right? No theatrics! Just think about every character and their roles; they matter. Dear Ruler, To keep...

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