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Life is a winding wheel

Life is a winding wheel Sometimes as soft as silk Flowing with honey and milk And at times as hard as steel A tough standing block for real Good...

War Against Ourselves

From the northern down to the southern hemisphere. From the smoke and gases released into the atmosphere Dancing above the waste we dispose in and on...


If we had the power to predict our death To tell at what time to breathe our last breath Then It should be at the point...

Press On

Zoom to your focus Focus on your zoomed Take a clear shot Missing no chance at all Widen up your aperture Allow more or less light before you capture Maybe...


The dream is to be rich and bold, great and strong So our parents see a hero and professionals in us Prophet and soothsayers might even...

TIME WITH YOU: The Failings

It was meant to be blue Yet had suddenly turn black And I don’t even have a clue For love isn’t a factor you and I lack For...


You do not give me a cause to worry And whenever I feel offended, you do say sorry My game coach and everyday friend The very one...

TIME WITH YOU: The Journey

Like a wall clutched with a ladder We solely lean on each other Had our breakfast and lunch together Amidst unending monster laughter In fact, we are closer...

TIME WITH YOU: The Beginning

Down the journey of life We at times get blessed with a friend Who stays closer than a husband or wife Cooking our days like a kitchen...

Leaders Appreciation

I recite this piece With so much gratitude and inner peace And as a deer pants for water So have I longed to educate people on this...

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