He that seeth beyond the eyes of mere mortals

From East, North, West to South his eyes perceives

From the peak of the mountains above to the valleys beneath; his eyes miss naught

From the deepest of the seas to the apex of the lands he perceiveth all

He seeth you

He seeth me

He seeth your trials and tribulations

He seeth your distress and predicament

He seeth those teary eyes

Yea the tears from that weary body

And he saith to you, remember ye that he seeth

Give up not, for the right time comes

Just the right time

For the Big Eye seeth ALL

Yea, He seeth you!

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Reach for the light maybe you might reach the skies
I know it’s hard
I know it’s painful
I know it hurts
I know it costs
I know it’s sacrificial

But you’ve got to smash it to the ground
You’ve got to be where you have to be
You’ve got to rise those frail bones
You’ve got to change the situation
You’ve got to make it happen

You are more than the situation
You are more than what they think!
You are more than conqueror!
If it’s worth achieving then it’s worth paying the price
Reach for the light maybe you might reach the skies
Maybe, just maybe, you might touch a star

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