As it is written,
An inverted Earth
Oh! Hear her children cry
Resound like the keening wails of a drowning lament
Inhabitants therein, like vagabonds with no abode
To pain they mourned


As it is written,
The earth mourns His wrath
Wrath of equality
Knoweth no king, servant, priest nor mistress
To turn he warned
To pain they mourned

As it is written,
The ancient one, impartial his ways
Immovable his path
Men of old hear and obey, In reveal he counsels
A choice given, but folly counsels
To pain they mourned

As it is written,
Famine and Death
A choice made, Of hollow worth!
Of blasphemy and iniquity, His wrath abounds
Plentiful His rage, abundant His fury
To pain they mourned

Isaiah 24:1-4


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I am Festus Oppong Kwabena Asante (FOKA). An entrepreneur (web designer, web hoster, advertising agent), journalist, poet and writer. I love art and poetry. And this platform is my bit of contribution to the African community (millennial generation), to endeavor to showcase their talent on a wide platform such as this to the world while creating connection that last a lifetime with the denizens herein. P.S. Though predominantly African-centric, peoples of other Nationalities are welcomed.



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