My heart can’t resist to leap
at hearing thy joy triggering sound.
Who is that human
that can resist the joyful sound
that captures the heart.

From ages to ages
you have cohabited
with man in it’s seren environment.
Till date I can’t fathom
why men can’t repel thy existence.

History can’t be told
without stating your roles.
At the face war
you arouse the strength
of the mighty warriors.
The raging torrent
obeys thy suiting voice.
Your arrival at any event
turns the arena to a lively one.

I had grown up
to love you forever.
Your sound sweeps me off my feet.
You ease my dampest mood.
Your sincere story
gives me the Clear meaning of life.
An inseparable companion
I have found in you.

Since the inception of life
you have been there.
You’ve come to live with men forever.
I cherish you ever.
Oh! beloved music
Your influence in the lives of men
Is unquantifiable.

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