Thickly black, l am from Africa
Thickly black like a charcoal
Thickly black l am proud
Unblemished zygote of black origin
Sculpturally made and painted black


Unmasked soldiers of divinity
Unparallel lineage of racial misconceptions
I am dark like the night where the moon and the stars reign and rule
My complexion gives room for the day
Taken into slavery
Unkempt in the dark days
Wiped to bend, looking haggard
Crisscrossed in chains
I toiled and a dirge to sing about

Thanks to Nelson Mandela
Thanks to Muammar al-Gaddafi
Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr
Thanks to Marcus Garvey
Thanks to Odumegwu Ojukwu

Thanks to Kenneth Kaunda
Thanks to kwame Nkrumah
Thanks to William Edward Du Bois
Thanks to Malcolm X
Thanks to Nnamdi Kanu

Illustrious sons, gallant and hard fighting soldiers
Those still living and those dead whom l can remember and those l cannot remember
May the Ogene, Ojar and Ukulele sounds dig the air for you

May the moon stand for you
May the stars shine for you
And the colouration of the night is our heritage
That is Africa my pride.

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